Lotus Night Milk Lotion

This is our special lightening night milk for a clean skin tone & texture.
We call it the miracle medicine.
It gives you that superb look
Cleanup skin from head to toe
Without green veins
Dark Knuckles or
Stretch marks
Suitable for all skin types.



Lotus Body Scrub and Polish

Exfoliates and removes dead cells that prevent your creams and soaps from giving you maximum results…leaving the skin looking radiant and healthy.


We have different categories or scrub. Some just maintain your skin tone, while others give you a shade ot two brighter. All have the glow effect.


Lotus Body & Bath Carrot Soap

Hand crafted with love contains carrot oils & extracts which enhances the skin tone, by brightening and unveiling an amazing glow!


Lotus Luxury Skin Oil

When you spot a Lotus Body and Bath client, the skin does the talking!


We have put together a solution to achieve a health skin.
Our Luxury Skin Oil.. infused with amazing natural roots & ingredients… nourishes the skin….effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.