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Lotus body 'n' baths is owned by a professional who is well trained, experienced in the field, practicing for about 12years. Its is our desire to treat visiting clients, tourists and the residents of Abuja to our pampering spa routines and effectively make Nigeria their desired choice of tourism and relaxation. We have our outlets in very hospitable environments and the ambiance is just perfect for clients who need a getaway to relieve stress and be rejuvenated. This experience is beneficial for the mind and body.

About Us

Victoria Olatunde, an Educationist born and bred in the city of Ibadan, South Western Nigeria found out she had a calling for Holistic massage and so decided to go deep into beauty therapy. Victoria Olatunde attended The International School, University of Ibadan (I.S.I), and also the prestigious University of Ibadan (South Western Nigeria), from which she graduated in 1997.

She is one of the directors of her mother's company "Vientriel" and has been running it effectively since the year 2000 till date, setting set up her own "Lotus Body and Baths" recently.



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